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"What it's like for Women Living with VVF | Dr. Amina Abubakar Bello | TEDxMaitama" on YouTube

There are said to be 2 million women in the world with VVF, and Nigeria has been stated to be the country with the most significant number of women with an average of about 800,000 women with 12,000 new cases every year (World Health Organization). If we do the math, that will be about 33 women a day developing the condition VVF.

The number of women with VVF has significantly been understated from an article by The Lancet, Burden of obstetric fistula: from measurement to action.

The video on the left is a TED Talk video by Honorable Dr. Amina Abubakar Bello. The First Lady to the Governor of Niger State in Nigeria. She talks about her foundation and works with VVF. She gives an example of a lady she helps through her foundation from her state. From this video, a quote from Dr. Amina said, "The sun must not rise & set more than once on a woman in labor."

The number of VVF victims way outnumbers the number of people involved in the fight for VVF. Let us all try to restore the dignity and virtue of these women and girls.

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